VIVA NMR Symposium (Western Canada)

VIVA (VIctoria VAncouver) is a one-day NMR symposium, usually held in the summer, that aims to bring together NMR users, researchers and facility managers from western Canada and the US Pacific northwest to share information on topics of general NMR interest and to foster the development of a regional NMR community.

VIVA is an informal gathering in a small welcoming setting. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to attend and present any types of NMR-related research, including theory, method development, or applications of NMR to current research projects.

VIVA Chronology

11th VIVA (2017): UBC
10th VIVA (2016): UVic
9th VIVA (2015): SFU
8th VIVA (2014): UBC
7th VIVA (2013): UVic
6th VIVA (2012): SFU
5th VIVA (2011): UBC
4th VIVA (2010): SFU